JUAA established the Research Institute for Quality Assurance of Higher Education (RIQAHE) to contribute to the improvement of the quality of higher education in Japan and to international cooperation in university education and research activities, and is engaged in research and studies on higher education in Japan and internationally.
The results of the research are used to improve JUAA's evaluation system, and reports are published on the JUAA website for the benefit of university stakeholders and the public. In addition, the RIQAHE holds conferences and open seminars for member universities.

The Research Institute for Quality Assurance of Higher Education (“RIQAHE”)

Greeting from Director

The pandemic by COVID-19. It has changed our lives and values. Not long ago, we could not have even imagined such a situation. It might just be the beginning of a new history, not the end of history.

Society is being transformed in various fields by the pandemic. Education is no exception. The dramatic progress of education moving online and the DX in higher education is just one example. But these are not the one and only waves and transformations that are impacting on universities today. In this uncertain time, universities need to engage in and practice knowledge that will open up new directions for building a better future and a more diverse society, and we, the university community, need to work together to achieve this goal.

The Research Institute for Quality Assurance of Higher Education (RIQAHE) was established in 2018 to conduct research and studies concerning domestic and overseas university evaluation and to make the results available to member universities for the benefit of JUAA's respective activities. Research and studies are one of the essential activities of JUAA, which has been pioneering new directions with regard to higher education in Japan since its founding in 1947. As a result of our activities, we published the results of our surveys and research, and many participants attend conference and the open research seminar. Also, our publications, such as the " University Evaluation Review" and the “JUAA Library”, have been well accepted by stakeholders as a public channel for sharing our various insights.

This Institute will continue to work vigorously to contribute to the improvement and enhancement of the universities. We are continuously engaged in multiple research projects. The themes of these projects range from direct issues of quality assurance as well as liberal arts education to the overall educational system of universities, all of which are conducted in order to provide practical reference for the development of each university. In all of these efforts, what is most utmost essential is the understanding and cooperation of our member institutions and all other stakeholders. We look forward to your continued support.

Professor Toshiya Ueki
(Vice-President, Tohoku University)

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