About JUAA

Greeting from Our President

Yuko Takahashi, Ph.D.

Yuko Takahashi, Ph.D.

The Japan University Accreditation Association (JUAA) was founded in 1947 as the first accreditation agency in Japan, contributing to its member universities throughout the country to improve the quality of higher education. In recent years JUAA has actively focused on internationalization projects.

In response to the internationalization of higher education, JUAA is currently implementing the following specific measures, including accreditation, to ensure the international comparability of its quality assurance activities:

  • Activities to ensure the international acceptability of evaluation
  • Keeping abreast of international trends in quality assurance
  • Efforts to ensure international comparability as a quality assurance agency
  • Cultivation of international perspectives among the staff of quality assurance agencies

We hope that in the future, JUAA will be able to actively interact with accreditation organizations around the world, and through international exchanges gain deeper insight into the more effective role that quality assurance agencies should play in society.