By a request from the Mongolian National Council for Education Accreditation (MNCEA), we visited Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in Mid-August as training instructors for MNCEA evaluators and staff.
In the evaluator training, we explained "Quality assurance system for higher education in Japan”, "University Accreditation”, and “the role of evaluators". In the afternoon session, through group work, we discussed how to evaluate Internal Quality Assurance.
In the training for staff, we presented the role of Quality Assurance Agency staff, the abilities and skills required of the staff, the efforts to improve the quality of the staff and exchanged opinions.
Approximately 200 evaluators in total from Mongolian universities participated in this training seminar for 2 days, and during the Q & A session, participants asked more details about QA system and JUAA’s University Accreditation. We received the impression that they had a lot of interest in quality assurance in Japan.